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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Home Updates | Kitchen

If you ever have the slightest curiosity about what keeps me up at night... lately, it has been the idea of remodeling our kitchen.

We bought our house about a year and a half ago.

We were originally going to build a house. We spent HOURS and HOURS picking out everything to make it perfect. It was going to be so beautiful. Long story short, our sales lady gave us all of the wrong pricing for the designs we chose and forged our initials on the contract to cover up her mistake. We immediately had a lawyer get our earnest money back and get us out of that contract. Thank goodness.

Fast forward to a few months, a little bit of crying and a lot of browsing later... voila. Our realtor found us found a cute little house in the perfect location.

We originally assumed we would live here for several years. Although I loved the house, this was a little disappointing to me because I am very much an "instant gratification" type of person. As soon as we unpacked our first box, I was already dreaming of what my next house would look like. I wanted to hurry up and get out of this house already so I could grow old in my forever home. [silly, I know...]

Fast forward again... We have almost completely redone our whole house and I couldn't imagine leaving it now. We got the PRETTIEST wood-look tile floors installed. We had all of the ceilings, walls and trim painted. Our fireplace has been redone. We had ALL new carpet installed. We've had a patio put in our backyard and we've replaced almost every light fixture. We've made this house exactly what we want. Except for the kitchen. We have been hesitant to update our kitchen because kitchen renovations can be pretty pricey, and we know this isn't our forever home, so we weren't sure if that was something we wanted to invest in. Because it isn't completely awful. I could definitely live with it. But it is dark. And it makes our house feel really dark.

Lately, the more we discuss starting a family, the more apparent it becomes that we will outgrow this house one day... probably sooner, rather than later. [And I literally got teary eyed typing that.] I LOVE this house that we've made into a home. So anyways... we don't know if we'll be here five years or if we'll be here fifteen years, but I think we have both decided that a kitchen renovation will be worth the investment.

We are still in the very beginning stages of this process, so I will share pictures of our current kitchen and remodel updates along the way once we actually get the ball rolling. In the meantime, here are some kitchens I have been using as inspiration.

Can't wait to get started! You can see more of my reno inspiration on my Pinterest here! Any ideas are welcome!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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