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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

24 Cures for Summertime Blues

Sorry for being a little MIA lately. We've been redoing our kitchen and it has turned out to be more consuming than I originally thought. Our counters, sink and new faucets are in! And I LOVEEEE them. Today we start the hard [dreaded] part.... painting the kitchen cabinets.

We didn't want to pay a ton of money for the kitchen redo in general. It was an idea we had tossed around since we moved in. Some days we couldn't wait to redo the kitchen, other days we felt like we could live with what we already had. Then in February or March we decided to just do it. But we didn't want anything super pricey. To save money we decided to paint our own kitchen cabinets. [I know...] Well actually, my VERY generous father offered to help. And by help, he meant just do it himself because he's very type A. Thanks dad! SO... I will post our new kitchen when it's done and also plan to post a tutorial on how we my dad did our cabinets.

Phew... ready for a summer vacay.

Well... I think I'm ready for summer. It's been especially rainy here in Houston, making the sunny days extra steamy. So I'm kind of ready for summer... kind of ready for some cooler weather... like snow would be fine. The forecast looks pretty for at least a week though, which will be the longest we've gone without rain in months. So I've rounded up some cute little pieces to help kick off the nice summer-y weather. Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by! xo

PS- Yes, I know one of my dresses posted in the maroon color. But it comes in blue! :)

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