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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

12 Week Bumpdate

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I need to start this post by saying what an absolute blessing it is to be able to carry your own child and how grateful I am to be able to experience this. However, pregnancy has not been my friend. I have felt pretty miserable these first 12 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me it will pass and I'll get all of this energy out of no where... I'm still waiting. I just haven't felt good. But I know this will all be worth it and I already love this baby more than I thought I could love anything. We are so excited! And if nausea and fatigue are what it's going to take for me to have a healthy baby, then bring it on.
Here’s a little rundown of our first 12 weeks!
How far along: 12 weeks!
Due date: March 31! This is actually my father in laws birthday!
Sickness: All. day. long. Most days. Occasionally I get like a 2 day break where I feel fine! I think "yay! the morning sickness is finally gone!" Then the next day I feel like I'm on my death bed. If you've never had morning sickness, think about what your worst hangover feels like, add about 5 more shots of tequila and multiply that times 10. Yeah... it's not fun.
Cravings: With feeling sick, I've really just wanted simple foods. Tortillas, crackers, chicken fingers, soup. Pretty much nothing healthy because healthy food makes me feel sick. See below. I JUST now have reallyyyy started craving milk and orange juice. I can't get enough orange juice.
Aversions: I mostly have aversions to any fruits and vegetables. I've had horrible heartburn so I think most fruit is too acidic and makes me feel bad. And just the thought of putting a vegetable in my mouth makes me feel sick. I'm hoping this changes!
Physical changes: I have the slightest little bump, but it's still small enough that it can be confused with too many breakfast tacos. My chest has also grown a full bra size.
Gender: We don't know yet! We opted out of the blood test because it was going to be $350 IF my insurance decided to cover it. It was going to be $900 if they didn't cover it and I didn't want to risk that! SO we are patiently waiting. I have heard there are clinics in town where you can find out for like $75 but I still can't justify it since we will be finding out in a few weeks anyways. Sooo, check back.
Maternity clothes: Nope, not yet! I'm going to try and buy as few maternity things as possible. It'll be fall/winter for the majority of my bigger months, so I'm hoping to squeeze by in over-sized sweaters.
Sleep: So far, still good. I do wake up around 1am and again around 6am to use the bathroom. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.
Best moment this week: Nothing significant this week, except I haven't gotten sick yet today! Our best moment up to this point was back on September 9th when we had our ultrasound appointment. It was our second ultrasound appointment. At the fist, the baby was just a little speck on the screen. We got to see the heartbeat flicker that week. But between that appointment and our last appointment, our baby started actually looking like a baby! It was amazing to see how much they had grown in just a few weeks! While we were looking at the baby, we got to see them go from fetal position, to stretching out all the way flat. It was the CUTEST thing. Also seeing their little legs crossed. So sweet.
[you can see the little crossed legs in the top picture]
Things I miss: Omg sushi! I could also really go for a hot dog right about now.
Movement: None yet! But I can't wait to be able to feel them move! Just for the peace of mind and knowing everything is alright in there!
Some things we've been doing or plan to do to prepare for the baby:
1. Shop early
One of the first things we learned... babies are expensive. You don't think about all of the stuff you're going to need until you're actually going to have a baby of your own. So we want to start shopping early so we can spread out some of our expenses. Another reason we want to shop early is because fall is always SO busy for us. Between football and weddings and hunting, we have very few open weekends in the foreseeable future. So I'd like to start knocking things off of our to-do list pretty quickly. Because by the time fall is over, I'll be almost 7 months pregnant and I don't really see much happening at that point. LOL!
Some of the only things that don't upset my stomach a whole lot have been the Kellogg’s® Special K® cereal and the crackers. They help nourish my next tasks and give me the energy to get things done when I'm not feeling good. Some things on our short-term to-do list are paint the nursery, furnish the nursery and start getting some items together that we don't necessarily want to register for.
2. Walk, walk, walk
Really early on in my pregnancy I had some bleeding and it scared the crap out of us. Everyone makes you think that the first sign of blood during pregnancy is a miscarriage. I literally laid in bed for a full day crying. BUT! I went to my doctor and everything was fine! She said it is actually normal to have bleeding in early pregnancy for many women. Who knew? Anyways, my point to that is early in pregnancy I was basically scared to move for fear that I would start bleeding again. We went to play TopGolf and I had some spotting. I lifted some weights at the gym and I had some spotting. So pretty much I only feel safe walking. We try to go on walks most days, but I just haven't been feeling up to it lately. [morning sickness is the devil] But tomorrow is always a new day, so we always try again tomorrow.
3. Eat better
We didn't eat horrible before I was pregnant, but we definitely have been more conscious of what we eat now. I've been very limited on what I can eat because of the morning sickness. But some things I have been able to actually eat: breads, crackers and soups. One thing I've pretty much been living off of: Kellogg’s® Special K® Cereal, particularly the Fruit and Yogurt kind. I've also really liked the Kellogg’s® Special K® Crackers. Both of these have been really easy on my stomach.
Since I haven't been able to keep much down, I've really turned to the Special K®  products I like for satisfaction and nutrition.
What do you aspire to do in the coming months? What do you need to get done and how do you fuel your inner strength to actually get it done? Check out Special K® products at your local Kroger and find what motivates you to get things crossed off of your list.

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